Poll: The Best of the New Space Marines Releases

Space Marines Black Templars Army

As of today, the new 6th Edition Warhammer 40K Space Marines are available for pre-order. Without a doubt, it’s been one of the most thoroughly leaked releases from Games Workshop of the last few years. Even rules from the Space Marine Codex abound on the interwebs.

Of the new miniatures, the Space Marine Centurions easily sparked the most controversy. The make-over of (presumably) Games Workshop best-selling box of miniatures of all time, the humble Tactical Marines, is no less revolutionary.

With the official pictures and 360° views finally available, it’s about time to see which of the new Space Marine releases will fly and which will not (miniature-wise, that is).

What kit is the finest of the Emperor’s Finest? (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

#1 – Space Marines Codex Release Videos

#2  - Poll: Best of the new Space Marines

The Best of the New Space Marine Releases?

  • Tactical Marines (10%, 103 Votes)
  • Vanguard Veterans (9%, 96 Votes)
  • Sternguard Veterans (37%, 383 Votes)
  • Space Marine Centurions (22%, 225 Votes)
  • Space Marine Librarian (5%, 49 Votes)
  • Space Marine Chaplain (2%, 24 Votes)
  • Space Marine Captain (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Rhino Stalker / Hunter (13%, 133 Votes)
  • Other (explain in comments) (1%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,036

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#3 – Share your Thoughts!

I also want to thank the nearly 1500 people (!) who voted on my previous poll about the best 6th Edition 40K Codex (so far).

With the new Space Marines Codex entering the competition, it is time to close this particular poll in the next few days.


Let me know which of the new Space Marine miniatures is the best of the new release in your opinion and why?

Leave a comment!


Image: Black Templars from Games Workshop’s Space Marines Codex.


Games Workshop’s homepage is struggling under today’s onslaught. If you’re in Europe, I recommend getting your new Space Marines Codex and miniatures from Wayland Games!



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  • Grimgorn

    I voted other, I think it’s the codex that’s the best part of the of the release. New chapter organization, with new rules the models are made for us pretty exciting.

  • Three Days Later

    Is the Ultramarine captain not just an updated Sicarius? Sternguards look very nice though

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      How much variation can you get with a static pose on a Space Marine?

      But no, I don’t think so. Sicarius has the left leg forwards, sword down on the ground before his right leg, torso/head turning to the left.

      This one has the left leg forward, sword pointing ahead/right, torso and head straight ahead.

      The tussles on the chest are similar though.

      • Three Days Later

        I just would have liked to have seen a more dynamic pose – thinking a long the line of Taus Farsight, charging forward.

        Like the models generally though, the new tacticals look like theres more room to add a bit of personalisation to each model which will be nice

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/9360674@N04/sets/72157600510023664/ BrassScorpion

      It’s more an update of the Assault On Black Reach plastic captain. Check out how similar they are, the studio appears to have basically reworked that model to make it even more elaborate.

      • Yggdrasil

        Agreed with Brass Scorpion. They could’ve made much more with a SM captain (see the metal / FC “old” ones, or the Apocalypse-released models)…
        Such a waste ! Looks like another of those AoBR converted dudes !

  • Hive Senteniel

    I like the codex more than the models (they’re cool though). I also voted other cause now it’ bye-bye Marines And hello Nids!

    • Jeff

      I hear ya!

      Looking at Necrons, IG and maybe Nids. My Daughter is currently building a Cult of speed army and I’m finding that infinitely more interesting than SM at this point.

  • Sharpie

    The Sternguard look fantastic and make combi-weapon use something that doesn’t require lots of painstaking conversions.

    Tacticals look nice, as do the Vanguards. The latter is probably the best source for building Space Marine Captains/Chapter Masters.

    Stalker/Hunter look alright.

    Centurions I’m still not keen on.

    And the new Plastic characters are a rip off.

    • NagaBaboon

      Has anyone else noticed in white dwarf that the sternguard are priced at 120 pts for 5 then 22 points each after that? They’re building in the 10pt price for a vet sergeant in a squad of veterans!? Even weirder when you think it’s an upgrade option for most other units rather than a forced one and the price of the vanguards (95pts for 5 then 19pts each) doesn’t include that extra 10 pts. I’m hoping that is a screen cap of an early version and not the final print.

  • Mike

    the stern guard look he best, and the others just look like toys not warhammer.

  • BK

    Sternguards are legit, though I am still a bit peeved about the BT getting rolled.

  • Vulkan He’Stan

    You’re thinking quite one minded. Personally, I love the centurion models, I think they look big, bulky, heavy, just like they’re meant to. And please, for Gods sake, don’t moan about the helmets, you can change them for normal ones if you’re afraid they’re turning into ‘Marvin Martian.’ GW will never move past the Ultramarines as the centrepoint, as they are ‘Warhammer40k’ They are the poster army, so there is no need to drop them. GW got the ltd edition Salamanders codex from me, as I love the cover art, and have never had a limited edition before. Games Workshop did really, really well on this release, I am pleased with what came out, and I know many from my store are, too. Anymore for me, would have been too much in one update.

    • Jeff

      Glad you’re a fan of it all, no one is moaning just stating an opinion which may get you banned from the local GW cul…err I mean store but last time I checked is still okay here.

      (Sometimes I wonder if the stories about GW employees shilling on the net have some truth behind them)

  • Polynikes

    Another person who has completely missed the point that the Ultras are proxy marines ruleswise and the most prolific fluffwise. And are you even aware of Forgeworld? If you really like marines thats where you should be buying them, like all the other grown ups.

    • Jeff

      ummmm that’s an opinion not a point.

      And Zweischneid what is with all the Forgeworld reps trolling your site?

      • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid


        I don’t think it is my site. I see it on Dakka too. Seems a general sentiment that FW is “the good GW” and GW is “the bad GW”, even though FW seems to have abandoned all creative ambition (which made some good things like Vraks or Taros) and confined themselves to copy & pasting Black Library.

        At least GW-main is trying to be innovative (Centurions, Wraithknight, etc..), even though innovation is of course always associated with the risk of hit-and-miss.

        But I too remember when things were exactly the other way around, when GW-studio was “keeping it safe” and FW was the place for new designs (like Tau Hazard Suits, etc..) that expanded the fluff and the aesthetics of 40K:

        Funny how times change.

        • Jeff

          Yeah I have to agree with that, not only have the abandoned creative ambitions they have given the finger to quality. one of the big laugh fests we currently have in my local shop is the FW Titan one of my gamer friends purchased at close to 800.00 US, and it looked like whoever was running the mold machine that day was dropping acid…..meanwhile one of the new guys walks in with the Russian Knockoff at $275.00 and the detail is just amazing .

          Yeah I have to say the Centurions, until you see them on the battleboard you just can’t get a sense of how they actually look, and that had a lot to do with the blockiness of them.

          I have a feeling we are going to start seeing crossover GW/FW models sorta like what Finecast should have been, but it’s not going to do them a lick of good until they get ahold of their Quality control on both the GW and FW side

      • Polynikes

        Opinion and point mean the same thing. If you mean that what I said wasn’t fact based then you are quite simply wrong. The ultras account for 3/5 of successors and several GW books have said to use them as the proxy chapter. As for the FW point, the marine models they produce are multi posable and have very little detail allowing you to customise them yourself, something a child wouldn’t be able to do, obvious I thought.

        Perhaps I should’ve made myself a little clearer so you could understand.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Gonna leave the comment standing for now, but please keep it civil.

      Much appreciated. Many thanks.