GW’s One-Click Ultramarines Space Marines Chapter

Games Workshop Ultramarines Chapter One-Click Bundle
The surprise was a bit spoiled as the price appeared in a list leaked shortly before the Space Marines Codex was revealed. But it is here now: Games Workshop’s “one-click-collect-an-entire-Space-Marines-Chapter” bundle deal!

We proudly present our most ambitious collection ever! Nearly 1,200 Space Marine models representing the Ultramarines as deployed at the Battle of Orar’s Sepulchre 888.M41. Marneus Calgar leads his entire chapter against the perfidious Eldar of the Iyanden and Alaitoc Craftworlds.

Is it a mad marketing stunt? Of course.

It is still fun to click through the think, even if you don’t intend to add it to your shopping-cart, as a wiki-style visualization of how the Ultramarines Chapter is organized.

They did include pictures of the 10 companies of the Ultramarines Chapter as they were fielded at this point in time fighting the Eldar. The images put all the new units, from Stormtalons to Centurions to Hunter and Stalker tanks, into the Chapters’ organisations.

Pretty cool!

2nd Company

Ultramarines 2nd Company

9th Company

Ultramarines 9th Company


Over 1200 Space Marine models for £7,065.00!

Are there any savings? Probably not. I haven’t done the math, but as it is more a marketing gag than anything else, I doubt it (and if you bought one and think differently, let me know!).



Images: All Images © Games Workshop Limited.


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  • Bobthemim

    there is a 6% saving.

    and no Thunderhawks, which Um have 13.

    • Zweischneid

      Well. I guess they get around this with “Ultramarines as deployed at battle X”.

      There might not have been Thunderhawks there ;)

      Or they simply ignore the fleet. There’re none of the Ultramarines Strike Cruisers and Battle Barges in their either ;)

  • thorfinskullsplitter1

    why even bother, if your going to spend that kind of quid, buy forgeworld.

  • Psy_Dream_Alot

    Its actually a 11.41% saving (Full retail for what they are including in this deal is £7975.40 in the UK) + some hidden discount, in that this Chapter bundle includes 6 of the new SM Strike force’s (which at £140 each saves about 30%). On top of which they are also including some extras:

    “Alongside the entire Chapter of Space Marines you’ll also receive a signed copy of Codex: Space Marines; a signed copy of Insignium Astartes (the definitive guide to the heraldries and squad markings of the Ultramarines); a full Chapter organisation chart; a breakdown of the composition of each of the 10 companies; a signed art print of the Codex: Space Marines book cover; and a signed art print of Paul Dainton’s painting of the Ultramarines assembled for battle.

    Is is sad to think that I would love to buy this if I had the money to spare? Yes it would probably take me the rest of my natural life to build and paint this. But even just sat there in boxes (like most of my existing collection) this would just look EPIC! <<< heh heh pun intended

    • Zweischneid

      Well. It is good to hear they offer some savings at least…

      I wouldn’t sweat the signed stuff. It’s nice they offer that for people spending that kind of money, but you can easily get this stuff, and get it signed, at a Games Day, etc..

      Still a whole lot of marines, even if you’d have a club to split it with or something like that.

  • Hive Senteniel

    if they do this with Nids i’ll have no choice but to sell my soul to the Dark Gods of Chaos for the money :p

    • Zweischneid

      Lol. So…. how many models would you think it takes to give a reasonable account of a smallish Hive Fleet?

      • hive senteniel

        oh my..the fluff says even small hive fleets are composed of billions but i’d imagine GW make it like 100,00 models minimum. it would probably take a year to ship it and cost about 200K+ lol