Poll: Did You Buy Any New Space Marines Miniatures?

Space Marines Miniatures for Sale

This topic came up on the PinsofWar Facebook page (thanks everyone for the interesting debates there.. you rock!).

In some locations at least, it seems, the new Space Marines miniatures aren’t selling very well. Sure, the Codexes go like hot cakes, because everyone want’s a new Codex! And the Limited Editions are rocking eBay.

But the new Space Marines miniatures?

Now, the theory has it that the new Space Marine minis don’t really scratch that “I-must-have-that” itch the way some earlier releases for Warhammer 40K did. New Tac Marines, plastic HQs and Veterans are nice, but few Space Marine players really “need” those, at least not right away.

The new Hunter / Stalker look nice, but they aren’t going to be the new hotness on the table, and the Space Marines Centurions don’t have a good rep (though, to my surprise, they are the second-most popular kit according to my previous poll, beaten only by the new Sternguard).

Reason enough to start a highly scientific survey on the subject. I greatly appreciate your vote!

Poll: Did You Buy Any New Space Marines Miniatures?

Did You Buy New Space Marines Miniatures?

  • I Ordered the £7,065.00 Complete Chapter (7%, 58 Votes)
  • I Bought 5 + Boxes of New Space Marines (4%, 35 Votes)
  • I Bought 2 to 4 Boxes of New Space Marines (16%, 131 Votes)
  • I Bought a Single Box of New Space Marines (11%, 91 Votes)
  • I Bought Only a Space Marines Codex (13%, 103 Votes)
  • I Didn't Buy Any New Space Marines (41%, 338 Votes)
  • What is a Space Marine? (8%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 823

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Gimmie More Details?

Admittedly, there is only so much information to be gained from a poll.

  • Did you plan to buy new Space Marines, but didn’t when you saw the miniatures?
  • Did you plan to not by new Space Marines, but gave in to the new hotness?
  • Are you still contemplating on what to do?

If you have a few more details to share, drop a comment below!




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  • wash-away

    the new tac squad is amazing. the arms fit the bolters and the plasma gun is great. the sterngaurd box is way to goddy for my taste, but the HB is exactly what I wanted. and the bare heads are amazingly well done. I love the new plastics. I’m thinking of making the sternguard my command squad.

  • Apollux


    what i ever wanted to ask: What does “Poll” mean?????????????????????

  • Dr Doom

    I Bought Only a Space Marines Codex to play my 1500 point list with updated rules cause my army is fully painted and i don´t need any new models.

  • Clark Grizwald

    Normally I would of bought a couple hundred dollars worth minimum of the new models and started a new army. However I have stopped buying gw 40k and switched to 30k. The FW models might be more expensive but they are so much more detailed and nicer then the regular gw ones. I still might buy a vanguard and stern guard box for some bits and the combi weapons however I am in no hurry to pick them up.

  • Andrew

    I got the Codex and stalker/hunter. I play Dark Angels so I’m gonna have to have allies to use the damn thing!! Played against some centurions and they didn’t last long one round of combat against my Deathwing terminators and that was it

  • Azazel

    At some stage I’ll pick up 2x Vanguard, 2x Sternguard and 1 or 2x the Tac squad. The biys will mix in nicely with my piles of unbuilt marines, FW, Anvil, Kromlech, etc parts to make some cool stuff down the line. I’ll also get 1 each of the vehicles, and of course, the codex. Haven’t bought any yet, since they’re not exactly going anywhere.

  • C AJ Segger

    I bought the Sternguard simply because its the cheapest way to get a Seeker Squad and the extra combi-weapons for my pre-heresy list.

  • James_33

    I bought the Sternguard, the Vanguard, the new Tactical Squad, and the Centurions. The Sternguard kit has a great collection of ranged weapons and amazing models that fit my Ultramarines perfectly (although they might not match other Chapters’ aesthetics). I don’t even plan to field Vanguard, but I wanted the great melee weapons and the Veteran legs, heads, and shoulder pads. I bought the Tactical Squad for the grav weapons and the Mk VI torsos. And obviously the Centurion Squad is the latest thing (and I even like the models).

  • Robey Jenkins

    I’m not playing 40k at all at the moment. The latest edition is, in my opinion, the best yet, but I’m just not in a place to be playing battle games on this scale, right now. So no new marines for me. That said, I do want to get a box of the Centurions, just to paint up. They will look awesome in a modern military-style olive drab. However, I have the small matter of some 4-500 unpainted minis still awaiting my attention that must be finished first!

  • Justin Dourn

    Considering I’m back at college and my first 40k army was Eldar; I didn’t really have any intentions of buying anything new in the Space Marines block. Especially after a bad episode with a 2,000pt Blood Angels army being taken. Must’ve been foreshadowing to the Space Hulk video games hitting the market now. That and I’m more of a fantasy player. I did get a Limited edition Eldar codex with a Wraithknight though. That was kind of hard not to pass on.

  • Dropship Ace

    I bought two boxes after a careful ebay search. Two tactical squads for the price of one tactical squad if I were to buy it on home soil.

    Stupidly expensive hobby this one.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      New Tactical Marines? Having both new and old seems like the perfect invite for some eBay shenanigans…

      • Dropship Ace

        New ones. If it was a yank who was to buy them, not much of a discount. But for me, living in a country where everyone seems fine with a %100 price increase, compared to other countries. Its quite a steal.

  • Thunderlions

    I love the new space marines. despite all the hating, I think the devastator centurions are awesome. the vanguards and sternguards look great, and i’m looking forward to adding them to my army. i really like the tacticals with all those bits, the only things i like less arebthe new characters, which I think are overpriced, and the AA-tanks, which aren’t very useful IMHO.

  • Thurlac

    None of the new stuff really appeals. I’ve been a bit disappointed with most of the recent releases and not just for space marines. The lizardmen were disappointing. The Eldar looked too manga. The CSM stuff was gaudy and faintly silly. It feels like they are just filling in the gaps in the army lists at the moment. Dark Vengeance was good with stylish sculpts and new figures. Since then? Meh.

  • belverker

    i will be getting the centurians to convert into oblitoratos for my iron warriors but that is a couple of months away and i willpick up the codex eventually

  • Aaron Wisch

    When you looks at the rules, the models, & the various box sets, nothing new is actually good in game. The box set with chaplain & razorback, both of which stink. The only new units AA tanks & centurions are underwhelming. The vanguard box is only good for bits, I haven’t ever seen vanguard used & they still stink, assault marines are restricted to only flames & plasma pistols, so nobody will be using those either. Stern guard box has a hvy flamer that no one else can use(except LOD), & combis are more expensive, so it’s better to just use the tac marines w/bolters & bits to kit bash your own. There are 0 new characters. Did I miss anything? 1 of my buddies is pissed because he bought a limited addition thinking there was additional content for whatever was on the cover, now he knows he paid an extra $55 for literally just a cover.

  • Badgerboy1977

    As I’m building up a huge Red Scorpions force at the moment (15’000 – 20’000pts) I purchased quite a few new units for them: 1x Librarian, 1 x Tactical, 1 x Sternguard, 1 x Vanguard, 2 x Stalker/Hunter & 2 x Centurions and I’ve got to say they really have knocked it out of the park with some of these new sets.

    It was an excellent release in my eyes, updates to some of the core units (Sternguard, Vanguard and the Tactical box) which for people who like their force to be varied but haven’t got the time to convert everything are a godsend. All of these are well priced as well for the quality and quantity of pieces you get, which to my mind is far better than most other systems I can think of (especially for plastic kits).

    The characters are in the main very well done (the Librarian especially), a little over priced maybe but you don’t need so many and from a good discount store they’re not too bad.

    Both AA tanks look great to my eye and are priced in line with the other Space marine tanks.

    The Centurions for me are far better than they appear to be in the GW photos, having built 2 squads now ready to be painted I can categorically say that its GW’s posing and in some respects the ‘Eavy metal paint job (not that it’s badly done at all, its just the style doesn’t really suit them) that have done them no favours and with the right posing and a grittier paint job they’ll look rather excellent in my opinion.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Glad you like them ;)

      But a 20,000 pts force? Holy!! Share some pictures of that if you have!!!

      • Guest

        I take it links are no good ;)

        So here’s a couple of pics instead, 1 a fairly poor shot of most of the current painted force (I’ll be putting a full shot where all the units are completed on my FB page after I’ve finished the Centurions and AA tanks) and the other a recently completed unit, a Fellblade from FW :)

      • Badgerboy1977

        Looks like Disqus has kind of screwed up my comment but you get the idea :)

        PS, and it seems to be adding the pics to every comment now for some reason.

  • Paintingbuddha

    I bought 2 codices and a couple of minis/boxes.

    I doubt that 14 ppl really bought the Chapter as indicated in the poll. PICS or it did not HAPPEN :D

  • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

    Hi. Sorry. It ended up in the spam-box for the link.

    Awesome army ;) Especially the super-heavy!

    • Badgerboy1977

      Lol no probs, Disqus just seemed to go a bit crazy there. I’ve deleted the one comment and feel free to delete the guest one as well if you like.

      Cheers for the comments by the way, it’s around a year and a halfs work so far, bit of a labour of love to be honest :)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/9360674@N04/sets/72157600510023664/ BrassScorpion

    I bought new Space Marine models, but I’m primarily a hobbyist and the new models are full of options, great looking details and modeling fun.

    Sales of the new models were lackluster at my local Games Workshop store though the Codex Space Marines sold really well. A friend of mine who owns his own game store and mail order business described a similar situation. He used the phrase the reduced sales as “post Space Marine let-down”.

    On a product release weekend most of the buyers are existing customers and I think most Space Marine players already have the models they want or need to paint and or play games. The fact is that unlike some other recent releases (e.g., Tau, Eldar), though some of the new Space Marine models are beautiful they don’t add much that is significantly new or different to what was an already very full and nice looking existing model range. Couple that with the high prices for some of the new models and people decided not to buy many new kits.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Yeah. I heard similar stories a few times now.

      Unfortunately, I doubt my little poll will be able shed much light on whether this is a typical pattern or anecdotal things that stand out to people because they are unusual.

      I have no real sales data.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/9360674@N04/sets/72157600510023664/ BrassScorpion

        Still, I’m happy to see you thought my poll idea was a fun one worth trying out. It’s fun seeing the responses to these polls even if the results are less than precise.

        Interestingly, the Apocalypse release earlier this summer was a huge win at my local GW store though Apocalypse has always attracted only a fraction of 40K players. Apocalypse got many, many more advance orders and release weekend sales than the massively popular Space Marines at the same store.

        I wonder how many of those full Ultramarines Chapter deals GW will sell worldwide? It would be interesting to know. The cost is more than $11,000 in the US and it’s more than $20,000 in New Zealand, Australia falls in between. I doubt they’ll sell any of them in NZ, but there are always a few nutters who go all-in on something like that. If nothing else it’s fun to look at and probably inspires some smaller sales too, including probably some “whole Space Marine company” projects in lieu of doing a full chapter.

  • jesse

    didn’t by any new marines as i already have plenty from the 3rd ed. besides, these days i find them rather dull and boring compared to the other armies

  • NagaBaboon

    Did 20 people really buy the full chapter? I don’t mean anything by that, I’m just surprised and can’t help but feel like there might be some trolling going on.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Lol. I guess I was inviting a bit of trolling by providing the option..

      Just ignore the first and the last entry of the poll for the more serious information (as far as it goes)