Horus Heresy Space Marine Bikers from Forge World

A late Friday night surprise from the guys over at Forge World: Legion MKIV Outriders.

Or, in other words, Forge World’s take on Space Marine bikes.

Unlike a lot of Horus Heresy miniatures, these bikes are (to my knowledge) not a retro-redesign of older (as in.. 1980s, early 1990s) Games Workshop miniatures, but a more original design that give Space Marine bikers a slightly more sci-if, slightly less “biker” feel.

#1 – Forge World Space Marine Bikes

warhammer Space Marine Biker from Forge World

Warhammer 40K Space Marines Biker Horus Heresy

Warhammer HOrus Heresy Bikers

#2 – Games Workshop’s Recent Ravening Bikers

The aesthetic difference to the uber-gothic, detail-encrusted Ravenwing Bikers Games Workshop released couldn’t be more pronounced.

warhammer dark Angels Ravenwing Biker

#3 – Thoughts

There is something to be said about a cleaner, more minimal tone (though the upcoming Tau might serve that nicely).

Generally, I enjoy Forge World’s Horus Heresy stuff a lot (though I haven’t bought any of it).

I am not overtly impressed with those Horus Heresy Bikers Outriders though, especially for GBP 20,- per bike.

What do you think?




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  • http://www.facebook.com/MJames70 Michael Dudek

    I like the Forge World bike design, too. But I don’t think the Ravenwing bikers are bad, either. And the photos are of the Ravenwing Command/ Black Knights set, the gaudiest of the gaudy in the Ravenwing. I think both reflect their time and place in the 40K story well. That said, they are pretty pricey, so I have not collected any FW stuff myself.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Yeah. I know they are the Command/Black Knight.

      I wanted to pick the most recent release, and GW released no “basic” bikes recently.

      That said, the Horus Heresy stuff isn’t “just basic” either. You’re paying a lot for the streamlined, minimalistc design.

  • Chris Pyke

    Although I really do like the bikes, It doesn’t fully seem to fit with the rest of the Heresy era models. Most of them are very industrial with exposed tubing, and lots of rivets, but the bikes seem much too streamlined. They look good, but I’m not sure they fit.