CMON’s Ravage Magazine on Amazon Kindle and iTunes!

CoolMiniOrNot’s English translation of the French miniature painting and hobby magazine Ravage is now available electronically, both on iTunes and on Amazon’s Kindle Store (United States only).

#1 – CMON’s Ravage Gaming Magazine

Ravage Magazine on iTunes

Ravage Cover

Ravage Magazine on Amazone Kindle

Ravage Content

#2 – Thoughts?

Ravage is a pretty cool hobby magazine, considering that the majority of the content is sponsored by various miniatures gaming companies. I had an issue of Ravage to read last year and enjoyed it a lot.

That said, it was pricy and difficult to get in the UK.

Electronic versions could definitely help getting Ravage (in English) a greater foothold on this side of the pond. A pity that the Kindle-Version tells me I am sitting in the wrong country.

Ravage is the premier miniatures gaming magazine that caters to the whole industry. Reviews, scenarios and hobby articles abound! Only $5.99 for a single issue, or $30.00 for a full year commitment!

I hope they fix this!

What do you think (non-Americans)?

Would you “go Ravage” if it’s available electronically?

Have you read Ravage magazine before?

I am looking forward to your comments!




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