Kickstarter-Curious: Cloning the Forge World Reaver Titan

Here’s an interesting one! A Kickstarter to clone Forge World’s Warhammer 40K Reaver Pattern Titan. I don’t really see how this could end well. Games Workshop’s legal troops are fierce at the best of times. This guy is literally asking for your money to rip-off Forge World’s Reaver Titan.

Good Luck there!

From the Kickstarter Page

As you are probably aware, Reaver patter Titans are quite expensive.Costs can easily reach $800 (USD). I would like to develop an easy to replicate Reaver Titan clone template set with instructions in a portable format. These templates and instructions would allow anyone with basic plasticard skills to build their own for MUCH LESS. The funds raised will be used to purchase plasticard and other materials needed to create the titan. As they are bound to be mistakes, I expect much waste material. The goal is to make the mistakes, and refine the design so the modeler does not incur any more expense than absolutely necessary. The shear size of these titans requires much material. Standing about 16″ tall these are large pieces and will no doubt capture attention as they do battle on the game board.

The Forge World Original

Forge World Reaver Titan

The original Forge World Reaver Titan

The Real Question is?

At the very least, the project-creator isn’t trying to disguise his intentions, I guess.

The more interesting question would be, isn’t itself allegedly screening projects before they go live?

How did this get approved?



Update: The funding for this project has now been cancelled. As Games Workshop legal is probably still in their weekend, I assume the creator saw the potential for pain and disaster.

Warhammer 40K Reaver Titan Clone Project Cancelled

Titan Scratchbuild Cancelled



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  • Guest

    Scratch builders balk at the price of the real model, but in my opinion they completely forget that time is also money – especially if you are an adult.

    • Zweischneid


      Since it’s a “hobby”, you presumably spend the money so you can (!) spend time on it, no?

      The “time-is-money” quip doesn’t really make sense in a recreational setting. It’s kinda like asking for the more expensive movie to be shorter or the more expensive book to have less pages.

      • Greg McDonald

        It’s a priority of time. I buy terrain for games because I’d rather assemble and paint models, I don’t really have time to do both. So its really where you want to spend your time/money. But yeah, this project is just asking for trouble from GW.

      • Guest

        What I mean is if you want a Reaver, it truly is cheaper to buy one from FW instead of making your own, once you factor in all the time involved. Obviously someone who enjoys the process of scratchbuilding itself can do that all day, I will not judge, but calling it a shortcut or money saver doesn’t add up.

        • Zweischneid

          Ah ok. Sorry. Might have misunderstood you there.