Rumoured U.S. Prices for Warhammer 40K Eldar

Whispers have been about concerning the prices for the Eldar. It appears increasingly certain that the new Wraithknight will indeed be significantly larger than, say, the Tau Riptide. And significantly more expensive, priced at about the level of the current Games Workshop Baneblade tank.

Now, thanks to Mohoc of Dakkadakka, a first price list (in US Dollar) for the coming Eldar release for Warhammer 40K has appeared. Games Workshop isn’t going to go cheap on those!

#1 – Eldar Price List from Dakkadakka

Here is the list that saw today (all prices USD)

Here are the Eldar releasing on June 1st

Eldar Codex – $49.50
Eldar LE Codex – $100
Farseer – $20
Wraithknight – $115
Wraithguard – $50
Hemlock Wraithfighter – $65
Dire Avengers (5 pack) – $35
Battleforce – $115
Windrider Jetbike Squadron – $40
Spiritseer – $19.25
Illic Nightspear – $19.25

#2 – Thoughts

At the very least, this list seems to confirm the Eldar release details that appeared earlier today.

If rumours are correct (!), the Winderider Jetbike Squadron will simply be a repackaging of the old Jetbikes, sadly.

Some observations:

  • Eldar Wraithknight will indeed be “Baneblade-priced” (which is currently USD 115,50)
  • Dire Avengers currently cost USD 37.25 for a box of 10 directly from Games Workshop (US). Soon they’ll be USD 35,- for 5!
  • Limited Edition Codex is twice the price of the regular Codex. I am not sure about past US-prices, but that seems a bit steeper.
  • Iyanden supplement is as expensive as the Codex itself… holy!
  • Eldar Jetbikes currently cost USD 15,- for one. Getting repackaged into a box of 3 will make them more expensive!

That’s a few tough pills to swallow!

What do you think?




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  • belverker

    well the jetbikes are $5 cheaper if they are currently $15 and the box is $40…but damn the australian prices are going to be nasty…and a interesting observation…if those prices are right on the plastic farseer and tge finecast kits (and they are the same as the rumoured high elf ones) australia only pays $2 more for a plastic character than the us, but $9 more for a finecast one…logic there is none ;-) also the suppliment being the same price as a normal codex wowsers so it must be up near the same page count and i’m guessing it does indeed contain rules then…i wonder if it contains duplicate rules from the eldar codex limited to whatever it can take and any bonus rules…interesting

    • dynath

      I doubt GW has made the Iyanden supplement the same size as the regular codex. I doubt it reprints the rules in the standard Eldar codex. Calling it a “supplement” would be odd if it did. I think its going to be another “Death from the skies” type thing.

      • Poem

        The logic there is that Aussies have a higher average wage, thus GW price regionally according to that.
        New Zealands average wages is vastly lower but are charged AU prices.
        It’s almost a 3rd world country paying 1st world prices.

        • belverker

          oh i know that but i find it odd the we australians pay more for finecast characters then the plastic characters and a bit more at that $6 whereas they are basically the same price in the us. Also new zealand pays even higher then australia but part of that is their goods and services tax is higher then australias.

      • belverker

        oh i doubt it too but one can livein hope, i doubt it will contain any army list rules, but will be there to sate those who have been wanting more specific fluff for less major factions of an army.

    • Zweischneid

      Yeah. Stupid about the jetbikes. Late night bloggin ;)

  • Karl Muskee

    Eldar …what Eldar …i went and priced a box of ten (all plastic)
    Dire avengers in my local NZ Toyworld ..SEVENTY THREE F^%$^%$^$’n dollars…

  • that doyle guy

    Australian prices are rediculous on pretty much any imported product. Sorry, but $55 for 5 Dire Avengers? Not all of us are Clive Palmer!

    I was annoyed to find there was literally no difference to the Limited Edition Eldar Codex than just the cover. At $160, I feel I have every right to be pissed off.