Black Library Brings Back Titan: The Graphic Novel

Some time last year, news broke that Black Library will be producing Horus Heresy Graphic Novels. Unfortunately, these will not be available until November 2013. In the meantime, Black Library is busy re-publishing some old favourites from their Inferno and Warhammer Monthly Magazines as Graphic Novels. Up next is Dan Abnett’s and Anthony Williams’ Titan!

#1 – Pretty Pictures from Titan: The Graphic Novel

Black Library Titan Dan Abnett

Cover for Titan: The Graphic Novel

Dan Abnett's Titan Graphic Novel

Black Library Titan Graphic Novel Re-issue

Black Library Titan Interior Art Black and White

#2 – The Graphic Novel itself


When the ageing commander of the Warlord-class Battle Titan Imperius Dictatio dies in the heat of battle, it falls to Cadet Princeps Erwin Hekate to take control of the mighty war machine and save it – and his comrades – from certain destruction. Fusing his mind with the spirit of Imperius Dictatio and bending the construct to his will, Hekate takes the towering Titan into battle against the foes of the Imperium.


This volume collects the entire Titan series of graphic novels by Dan Abnett, Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning and includes rare and exclusive additional content from the pages of Warhammer Monthly.

Titan: The Graphic Novel is set to be released this month. It will be a direct-exclusive product (no Amazon, etc..) and cost GBP 25,- (40,- USD) for a soft-cover-book with 296 pages.

Unlike the Horus Heresy Graphic Novels, this one will evidently be in black-and-white, since that’s how the originals were drawn.



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