4 Demon-Winning Daemons

Earlier this week I plucked a Golden Demon-winning Masque of Slaanesh of this unofficial Golden Daemon website to illustrate my post on the Masque. Couldn’t help but wander a bit more around the history of Golden Demon competitions to see what the best painters did with this rather unusual set of miniatures (by and large, GD finalists like Power-Armour as much as normal gamers do).

Nevertheless, the Daemon miniatures that are there are stunning! Here is one for each Dark God of Warhammer.

#1 – Bloodletter Regiment from Games Day France 2011

Golden Demon Winning Bloodletters

Golden Demon-winning Regiment of Bloodletters by Sébastien Marchal

A “classic” red colour-scheme (though I like unusual takes too). But this one is done to a perfect finish and set on an awesome base that makes this a diorama, more than a Warhammer regiment.

#2 – Lord of Change from Games Day Germany 2011

Golden Daemon Lord of Change

Lord of Change by Julien Casses

For some reason, Tzeentch appears to be the least popular Chaos God (or miniature range) among the Demon finalists.

I really do like this one by Julien Casses, which has a nice “gritty” feel to it that is very different from the candy-colours Tzeentch in particular tends to get from Games Workshop’s ‘Eavy Metal Team.

#3 – Nurgle Daemon Prince from Games Day Italy 2007

Golden Daemon Nurgle Daemon Prince

Nurgle Daemon Prince by Fabrizio Russo

This one won “only” a Bronze Daemon for Warhammer 40.000 Monster in Italy in 2007, losing against a more traditionally green Nurgle prince too. But I like this one better, both for the nice water and slime-effects and for the unconventional colour-scheme.

I would love to see a Nurgle-force painted up in these cold, blue and white “drowned-man” colours.

#4 – Slaanesh Daemonette Banner Bearer from UK GD 2011

Golden Daemon Standard Bearer

Daemonette Standard Bearer by Angelo di Chello

If a Golden Demon-winning Tzeentch-daemon was the hardest to find, picking a Golden Demon-winning Slaanesh Daemon was the toughest choice. The Dark Prince lures the painters out there like no other.

This beautiful Daemonette Standard Bearers by Angelo di Chello won not only a Golden Daemon, but also the Slayer Sword at the UK Games Day in 2011.

What do you think? A nice collection?

Do you have a particularly inspiring Chaos Daemon miniature I might have missed?

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