Coach Me! Building a DreadBall Smackers Line-Up

DreadBall Marauder Team by Pins of War

I did not (yet) have a lot of opportunities to play games at events and conventions this year. I even had to give Salute 2013 a miss. Oh well.

With a few deadlines out of the way, I thought I’d jump back in. In particular, I think it is about time to redeem my DreadBall Kickstarter-ticket and head north to Nottingham for Mantic’s Open Day.

I may get a chance to see a Deadzone display!

Even better, I should be able to in four DreadBall matches in a row next Saturday.

Mantic Games DreadBall Unboxing

My DreadBall “Season 2013″ Kickstarter Ticket

#1 – Which DreadBall Team to Pick?

Yesterday, I finally received my DreadBall Season 2 shipment. I was hoping to field “my” Locust City Chiefs, but there is simply no chance I would get the DreadBall Season 2 stuff painted in time.

Besides, “rusty” doesn’t even begin to describe my current DreadBall skills, especially for a tournament (and Mantic even wants to test Chess Clocks at this tournament, oh my!).

I need something simple… not one of those finicky Season 2 teams.

Long story short, I plan on bringing a Green-Skin-Team to pummel my way through the tournament, Marauder-style, and hopefully leave a good number of Judwan-shaped smears on the pitch.

As there will be no MVPs (if I read the tourney-booklet correctly), I won’t even have to bother with a Striker. As simple as it gets!

Or is it?

#2 – A DreadBall Conundrum: More Orx or Meaner Orx

So… Marauders. Greenmoon Smackers. I will need a name of my own too.

The tactics for a Green-Skin-Team, especially if you cannot switch it up with a MVP, are very straight-forward: Simply apply lots of Orx-fist-shaped pain until the pitch is clear (if a bit slippery)!

For this tournament, I’ll get the basic Greenmoon Smackers starting-roster:

  • 5 Goblin Jacks
  • 3 Orx Guards

Moreover, I get to spend 20 MC (millions of credits) on

  • Additional Players (with Orx Guards costing 13MC)
  • Coaching Dice (6MC per Dice)
  • DreadBall Cards 10MC per Card)
  • Advancement rolls (5MC each)
  • Coaches and Cheerleaders (my lack of painted Season 2 models kills this option)

Now, I’ve been pondering two options all day: Get more Orx (i.e. another Guard) or better Orx (i.e. Advancements).

Option 1 – More Orx

There is nothing quite like deploying 4 Guards and 2 Jacks to set a suitably violent tone for the game right off the bat. It’s a proven set-up, a classic even, though it does have three downsides:

  • As all the Open Day tournament  games “re-boot” your team for each new round, and there is no league play, a roster of nine DreadBall players feels like a lot of extras to bring to a match. I might be wasting a lot of MC on the bench.
  • 13MC for an extra Guard doesn’t leave much else. Probably an extra Coaching Dice for a total of 19MC spent?
  • It kinda lacks variety over 4 games (which might also be a good thing).

Option 2 – Better Orx

So what if I don’t buy a 4th Guard, but invest in advancements and other bonuses instead?

It would probably either be 4 Advancements (I might even fork one for a Goblin) or 2 Advancements and a Card. Both add up to a clean 20MC spent.

The downside is… I’ll only have 3 Orx (and I will not be able to advance them to become Keepers, again for a lack of minis)! Are some fancy Steady, Does This Hurt? and Can’t Feel A Thing abilities worth the “lack” of a 4th Guard? Wouldn’t the extra Guard be more effective?

#3 – Coach Me!

If you know a thing or two about DreadBall, help me out and leave me some advice in the comments below! I won’t reveal which option I am going for until after the weekend, but I certainly will consider all tips and recommendations (it is the reason I write this post after all).

Let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you’re going to Nottingham this coming Saturday, let me know!




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