Rumoured Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Price List

Thanks to the guys over on Dakkadakka, we have (rumours of) an Apocalypse release list with prices, in USD and Canadian Dollar, presented in a handy table.

Have a look and see if your bank account / finance will let you play Apocalypse 40K ;)

Apocalypse 40K July Release List

Apocalypse 40K Price List


I am still… digesting. It’s kinda early in the morning.

Let me know what you think!


Have a look at the new Apocalypse 40K Terrain here!


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  • belverker

    pretty much as expected, book is a little more then one would of hoped for…and at least the vortex grenade template is back as i can now get a web way portal for my dark eldar

    • Zweischneid

      Yeah, perhaps. New-Monolith being nearly triple the price of Old-Monolith was a surprise to me, though I may have misjudged the size of it from the grainy pic.

      • belverker

        fair enough, it is only $50 more then the Australian price for the current monolith which will equate to between $75 – ~$100 more but considering the wraithknight was only $10 more and the baneblade is only $25 more.
        Plus it is nice to see i picked all those spacemarines as finecast ;-)

        • Zweischneid

          True ;)

          Yet if there is some unseen support element for the Vox-thing on the Master of Rites, I still believe the “free-standing” chain will make it a terrible mini to actual carry around and game with.

  • Redmoo

    Who is Azog, sounds interesting.

    • Zweischneid

      Azog is that white Orc from the new Hobbit movies

  • TKIY

    I think that the Canadian Dollar is almost on par with the US and GW is gouging the hell out of us.

  • BrassScorpion

    More absurd pricing from GW. Masters of the Chapter was $35 US for 4 models in 2007, the new Masters models cost $89 for all 4 just six years later. It’s outrageous and blatant gouging trying to boost the profit margin so high on those models when they could have done a box set of all 4 new models for a reasonable price. The Baneblade was $95 when first released in Oct. 2007, even with the additional turret sprue added to the new packaging it’s going to be tough on customers at $140. I have multiple Baneblades thanks to the original pricing, there’s no way I’d do that at $140.

    I like the new Apocalypse kits and I was expecting that they might be pushing the $150 price point, but I see GW went beyond that. I’m calling the Necron model the Necron Money Vault and the Chaos model the Khorne Lord Of Profits. At least the Chaos model has alternate arms, head and belly gun options and it looks fairly large. The Gamer’s Edition and Collector’s Edition prices are astronomical and this looks like the first time where I will not be buying a Gamer’s Edition. Previous Gamer’s Edition’s over the past few years were good values for the money, but those were all between around $80 to $120 depending on the contents. At $250 it just doesn’t matter how cool the carrying case is, it’s just not worth it. I can carry four Baneblades in two Plano model 1404 cases for around $20 total.

    GW is really making it hard for even us most dedicated fans to stick with them and to support our local GW shops with the constantly escalating and mostly outrageous pricing on new items.