Warseer Space Marines Rumours: Grav Guns & More


Apocalypse 40K is out there. Lizardmen have arrived. What next?

Rumours have it that Space Marines are getting a make-over in September… only 4 weeks time?

We’ll see.

Either way, there is a fun batch of rumours over on Warseer concerning the (allegedly upcoming) new incarnation of Space Marines, including a new “super-Terminator” type of armour and a new signature type of (special?) weapons: Gravitation Guns!

Warseer Space Marine Rumours

Up for release in September is the new Codex: Space Marines.

  • There will be 7 Ltd Ed varients. 6 of these will be covers for First Founding chapters, whilst the 7th will have Black Templars on the cover.
  • New weapon family: Grav weapons. I believe these wound against the armour save (so terminators would be wounded as if they had a toughness of 2).
  • First Founding chapters will be getting a substantial section each to themselves, so hopefully this can be looked as as Codex: Space Marines instead of Codex: Ultramarines. This will also show in a rule called Chapter Tactics, for which the effects depend on the chapter being played.
  • There is a new armour type that at first glance looks to be somewhere between a terminator and a dreadnought – looking more closely, it appears to go over the marine’s power armour however.
  • This new armour can be armed in 2 ways, depending on the user. The devastator version has either a bolter array or missile launchers mounted on the chest armour, whilst the gauntlets can be armed with heavy bolters, lascannons or grav cannons. The assault version has a bolter array or frag launchers mounted on the chest armour, with assault drills mounted on the gauntlets.
  • There are 2 new AA tanks. One tank veterans will already be familiar with as the Hunter, armed an AA missile launcher. The other tank mounts 2 tri-barreled turrets instead.
  • There is a new tactical squad. Lots of options as you’d expect, but of particular interest will probably be the grav pistol and grav rifle.
  • A new plastic Sternguard veteran squad.
  • A new plastic Vanguard veteran squad.
  • New plastic characters: a captain, a librarian and a chaplain.


Is this a hoax?

I don’t know. It may well be.

  • New miniatures for infantry units instead of the obligatory large walker/large kit?
  • New miniatures for the default Space Marine box (if the Grav Weapon thing is true)?
  • Black Templars rolled into the mix (which GW staff have repeatedly denied)?

Sounds flaky to me. Than again, it may well be true because it is so outrageously different from what we know and seen (and who would make up mad rumours like this?).

Well, let me know what you think!




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  • damaddok

    I don’t like the sound of a lot of this, and normally I’d call it a hoax as well. But, as many, many, many Warseer members have point out (*sigh*), best_pone has a flawless rumor record on multiple releases for both games, including High Elves, Tau, and Eldar.

    So I guess we won’t see all that cool Black Templars stuff after all.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Well. I doubt it too.

      We just had Black Templar rumours, which I found extremely convincing (as far as I can tell) because there is (!) the rules for Heavy Chainswords in the 6th edition rules, and it would make sense for Templars to get them (as Eldar got Vector Dancer).

      Also, all Codex Supplement so far (Iyanden, Farsight) have been English only. No translation to Spanish, French, German, etc.. . If Templars are relegated to a Supplement, it would effectively be a discontinuation of the Templars in non-English.

      Than again, as you say, Best_Pone has a good record.

  • Martin Jørgensen

    Should not be hard to give the BT heavy chainsword in a supplement. And the space marines really dont need at crappy looking marine inside a marine walker kit. I say bring it on with a new tactical box and some awesome vets. I would buy a lot of those boxes.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Well, as said, Supplements (thus far) are English only. It would effectively end BT for the non-English-speaking markets of GW. New weapons in a supplement would also be a novelty. And it would be a supplement with their own allies-chart-entry in the rule book.

      Is it impossible? No.

      But it seems an unnecessarily complicated change. If they go through the effort of making a supplement, they may as well make a Codex for them on their own, if they had one before. There are no production savings in making a “supplement” vs. a “Codex”.

  • C AJ Segger

    We already have graviton guns in the Horus Heresy book ( Range:18″, Str *, AP 4, Type Heavy 1, Blast (3″), Concussion, Haywire, Graviton Pulse ( Models under blast take a strength test or suffer a wound, blast area becomes difficult and dangerous terrain until next turn ).